The concept of pooling energy for prayer is not a new one; people have come together to pray or meditate for thousands of years. What is unique about this concept is that it can be directed at one person, many people, a particular place, thing, country, region of the world, government, or any thing or place you choose.  This technique uses a powerful stream of Universal group energy, and the result is always for the highest good of all concerned, not for a particular result or personal agenda.


It is an energy field that each person generates that comes from a personal
connection to Universal Energy (also known as Prana, Higher Energy,
God Force Energy, and many other terms).  UE is present in healing
modalities such as Reiki, Barbara Brennen’s work and others, and is present
in all living beings.  We are made of UE and have a personal connection to it.  
Anyone can utilize their own UE.

You begin by focusing your energy on your crown chakra, or energy center,
found at the top of your head, and visualize it opening like the iris of a
camera lens.  Imagine UE looking like a white spiraling energy stream, and
you draw it in to your crown chakra and then down through your head to your
heart center.  Pushing that white stream of light out from your heart, you are
now sending a field of Universal Energy out in front of you wherever you go.

This energy can:
      · protect you
      · change the energy of a room or a situation
    · center and focus you
    · change the outcome of events personally and for the world

There are five extensions that Redfield talks about in order to raise your energy, that goes into making the Insights work, and begins to build the energy to begin the process of sending it out as a group.

This is what is taught in the 2-hour workshop.  In addition, we actually build the group energy together and then, by predetermined assent, send the energy to where it is needed most on the planet.  The beauty of this is that, after the first time of coming together, any group can do this at an appointed time, whether you are personally there with a group in person or not.

Please contact Deborah for further information or to set up a workshop in your area.

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