Just imagine, it is 10,000 years ago and you are living in Tibet.  You communicate with others around you and with nature on a high spiritual level.  You utilize all known chakras (endocrine centers) of your body.  Universal energy is there to enjoy in abundance, and it balances, facilitates inner transformation and helps healing.  Simultaneously, it stimulates deep contact with your inner self.

Sadly, at some point, because of unknown circumstances, this energy system disappeared from use and from the planet.

In the middle of the 19th Century, Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar, discovered a Tibetan Science of Universal Life Energy from hints buried in ancient and obscure texts.  This Universal Energy system was discovered in the Sanskrit Sutras, and consists of Levels or Degrees.  These are particularly useful in the areas of inner transformation and harmonizing the energy in the chakras of the human body.  The technique was called “Reiki” by Dr. Usui.  In Japanese, ‘Rei’ means “Universal” and ‘Ki’ means “energy.”  It is comprised of a unique combination of symbolic language and series of attunements.
Now imagine that this technique is available to you today, in an exciting, easy to learn format that will facilitate Healing, Balance, and Comfort for yourself, your loved ones, and everyone.

Deborah Steen Sei Mei Ross has been teaching Reiki since 1985, and was one of the first 9 Reiki/Radiance Teachers in NYC.  Deborah resides and teaches in New York City, as well as all over the country.  Currently, she offers Reiki classes First, Second & Third Degree trainings as part of her program called REIKI FOR LIFE.

REIKI is an effective relaxation and stress reduction technique.  It strengthens the immune system, and balances the body/mind/spirit dynamic, as well as bringing together the positive energies of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (light consciousness) levels in all of us.  A Reiki session of a little more than an hour will bring you to a place of peace, calmness, and inner balance.  This session may be repeated every day for a period of time to work with and balance acute issues, or once a week to build up energy reserves in a person.   COST: $100.00 for one hour session.


FIRST DEGREE - is a powerful, yet non-manipulative touch technique that teaches you to give a session to yourself or others.  This utilitzes all seven chakra positions (endocrine centers in the body), to balance the energies in each, and to allow you to share Universal Energy with gentle touch to specific places in the body.  This is a 2 day, 10 hour class.  COST: $300.00

SECOND DEGREE - This more advance level class teaches you the techniques of being able to send energy without touching the person or yourself.  This allows you to send energy to someone far away, to the job you are looking to get, to the Earth herself, and to any place on Her where disharmony or crisis is occurring.  In this class, you learn the three energy symbols that allow you to tap into the Universal Energy and be able to send it to any living thing, place or situation.  This is a 2 day, 15 hour class.  
COST: $600.00

THIRD DEGREE - This leve is divided into two parts:
3A Level - This level is for the Second Degree student who wishes to continue His/Her Reiki Education, but does not necessarily wish to become a Reiki Teacher.  It will give the student the Third Degree Master Symbol, which will allow the student to perform the Attunement Process of Reiki on him/herself, and on othes, for healing and advanced energy alignments.  This will not allow the students to create other students, however.  This is a two day class which will include a trip to a local energy site to do attunements.   COST: $1500.00

Teacher Training - This is an in-depth course designed to teach the 3A student who wishes to continue on to become a Reiki Master Teacher.  It is a 3-5 day event or more, depending on how many students are involved, and it will teach each student to be able to teach on the First and Second Degree Level.  There is a period of apprenticeship involved before this class takes place.  Please contact Deborah for further information.

RELEASE FOR LIFE is an energy system that releases you from blockages, fears, ideas, contracts and beliefs that are not yours, but that you have picked up from family, friends, teachers or maybe even past lives.  These become so ingrained in your belief system that you are sure they are yours; and yet, you cannot let them go.  So you live out your life, holding on to someone else’s understandings and beliefs, as if they are yours.  RELEASE FOR LIFE can free these blocks and lift off the contracts, so that your life becomes once more your own, to create as you will.

This technique, a combination of ACCESS Energy Healing and Issue Therapy.  It works on self-esteem issues, family conflicts, certain obsessions, past-life carry overs, abuse and victimization issues, relationship issues, and body image.  This technique works best with people who are really ready to make changes in their lives.

The Release Session has two parts: The first part is the talk therapy part, where we begin to work with the issue that has come up.  What is blocking the person?  In discussing the challenges and delving into the feelings that come up, a layer of energy comes up over the body, in the electrical field.  The issue is written down and then we move to part two.

The second part is a hands-on session that includes “Running the Points” on the person’s head and then lifting off the energy that comes up.  Then, on lifting off the energy around the issue itself.  The layers of the energy come off like the layers of an onion; each session goes deeper into the energy of the issue until we reach the core issue, the polarity is turned, and it is gone.

The sessions last about 2 hours.  Cost is $150.00