Gaian Energy is Energy for Planetary Healing.

It used to be that we could just conserve, recycle, and reuse, but the days of picking up trash and carbon footprints are passing and we actively have to step up our stewardship of this planet if we want to have a planet to call home.

It is time that we ALL have to actively hold The Mother in our expanded hearts as she births what is to come.  She is expanding herself and feeling the birth pains.  The earthquakes, the volcanoes, the tidal waves and all the climate changes, the magnetic shifts in the north and south poles, are all part of her change.  The last time this happened millions of years ago, there were no humans here to record what happened, but we are here now and must become active participants in this effort; labor ‘doulas’ (coaches) for Gaia.

The more people that can expand their hearts and extend the energetic container of energy to encircle this planet, the Pacific Ocean and rim countries in particular, the easier will be the Mother’s birthing and the greater the joy of the birth.

So how can we help do this?
1.  I have created a guided meditation to help you help the Earth.  Listen to the meditation and do it every day.  Not only will you help Gaia, but you will find yourself expanding and growing as well.  Contact me for more information.

2.  Learn a healing method such as Reiki, Access, or any technique that will allow you to send universal energy to the planet.

3.  For those of you already practicing healing methods, do your healing not only on yourselves or on other people or places, but on the Earth herself.  Send her love and healing support.

4.  Pray daily for the highest good of Mother Earth, and visualize legions of angels supporting her as she goes through her process.

5.  Where it is warm, go outside and lie down on Mother Earth and place your hands on her, and give her love and supporting energy.

6.  Look at the website www.iris.edu and go to the seismic monitoring page and send energy to the Pacific Rim and the ocean.  You will see, at any given moment, the places on the planet where earthquakes are happening, and you can see where the areas of greatest need are.  I have this page bookmarked so I can go there every day.

7.  Create Prayerfield Energy Groups with your spiritual group or place of worship.  Click HERE for more information.


The more of us that can come together and hold the very large energy container for our beautiful planet, the larger the support will be for her and the larger we will grow as we hold her.  It is the most powerful process that we can do to and for her and for us.